Try our free mini lesson - taken from our Accent Confidence and Clarity course. Here you will learn how to work with English vowel sounds, mouth position, and to navigate some tricky spellings. Giving you a flavour of what to expect on the 10 week course.

Taster Lesson Course Content

  • 1

    Welcome to our 10 Minute Taster Lesson

    • Welcome to London Speech Academy

  • 2

    Introduction to Vowels

    • On the Sofa with Emma

    • The Basics of Vowels

  • 3


    • Let's Learn about Spelling

    • Test Yourself

    • Put Into Practice

  • 4

    Mouth position

    • Let's Learn about Position

    • Test Yourself

    • Put Into Practice

  • 5

    Vowel Length

    • Let's Learn about Vowel Length

    • Test Yourself

    • Put Into Practice

  • 6

    End of the Taster lesson

    • More about our Accent Confidence course